There's no doubt about it, gymnastics is the hardest part for the functional fitness community to develop. Athletes worldwide are struggling to make progress in this area, and the reason is because the skills need to be broken RIGHT down into drills and progressions.


Unlike the barbell, (where you learn one movement), with gymnastics, multiple progressions need to be mastered simultaneously.


Every drill is there to teach the body something about a position, a movement, or a muscle that translates to the "real thing".

And it's not just physical development that's required. There's a mental component to all of this too.


As an athlete advances through the system of progressions, they are developing an understanding of how their body operates. This greater understanding of movement prepares the athlete for more advanced progressions further down the line, and progress is made.

SYN Gymnastics is here to provide the tools to the athletes that have realised their focus needs to shift if they are to develop their skillset, and are ready to get to work.



DAY 1 - Saturday

- 9:00am - 4pm

   (1 hour lunch)

- Basic warm up sequences

   for foundational gymnastics workouts.

- Strict Pull-Ups & scapula strength.

- Swing mechanics:

   - Toes-to-bar & Compression strength.

   - Kipping Pull-Up drills.

- Butterfly pull-up system.

- Inversion drills + flexibility development.

- Handstand Push-Ups.

   - Technique development for hitting

      the "standards"

   - Strict HSPU development &

      how to avoid plateau's.

DAY 2 - Sunday

- 9:00am - 4:30pm

   (1 hour lunch)

 - Warm up routines for

    advanced skills.


- Ring Muscle-Up's:

   - False grip.

   - Strict transitions.

   - Swing mechanics + sequences.

   - How to spot Ring Muscle-Ups.

- Bar Muscle-Up's:

   - Proper hand + shoulder rotation. 

   - Transition strength.

   - Swing mechanics + entries.

   - How to spot Bar Muscle-Up's.

- Activations for Handstand Walking.

  - The secret to how SYN Athletes

     learn walking so fast.


- Dealing with common injuries.

   How to correct and how to avoid.

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