Simon Nieland - owner, SYN Training

Simon is a CrossFit Level 2 & CrossFit gymnastics coach, and has made a living working with athletes 1-1 on weightlifting and gymnastics since 2011. Simon holds certifications in

- CF level 2 Trainer

- CF Gymnastics 

- CF Football

- Level 3 Personal Training

"My coaching career started out with personal training almost 10 years ago, but once I found CrossFit, everything changed. I began to use CrossFit methodology on myself and my clients, and was invited to have a coaching role at the CrossFit box in town.


Two years, and a few certifications later my diary was full with 1-1 coaching sessions, helping athletes master the skills of the CrossFit programme.  I was no longer a personal trainer, I was a full time CrossFit coach. As an athlete, I had dreams of going to Regionals, but it became clear that was not my purpose. Coaching is what I was born to do.


I believe there is a coaching "gap" in the CrossFit community right now. Online, you will find advanced competitor programmes galore, but very little for the CrossFit enthusiast that needs to get from A-B with their strength, technique and efficiency. And virtually none that offer bespoke coaching.

This is the demographic I cater to the most, because I have been working with these athletes closely for 7 years.

I know exactly what they need, and i'm here to share my knowledge and my experience with the online community".

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