Do you need to be competitive with the gymnastics movements?

For as little as 15 minutes a day, you can make fast progress with the gymnastics skills like ring and bar muscle-ups. All you need is the right layering of progressions and guidance on how to execute them. If you were part of an online community of athletes all supporting each other, receiving daily video coaching, wouldn't that be great?


Welcome to SYN Gymnastics. 

SYN Gymnastics Athlete -

Zsuzanna Bolyki - (CrossFit BFG)

"I love SYN Gymnastics programming! It focuses on the foundations and progressions, but he doesn't hold us back. In one month I've already gone from 0 to 2 bar muscle ups which was my main goal. 

SYN Gymnastics Athlete -

Kristin Bjorgvinsdottir - (CrossFit Reykjavik)

"Simon really has a unique coaches eye, and he helps me understand the finer details of movement which I love.


Getting a ring muscle up was fantastic, and now stringing them together is a dream come true!"

SYN Gymnastics Athlete -

Sommer Reed - (CrossFit Markham)

"I came across this programme while browsing Instagram one day and I'm so glad I did!"


Simon is really responsive and very precise with his feedback! He gets really enthusiastic about everyones success and the rest of the group is so supportive.

Coach Simon

For the past 7 years I've been coaching athletes precisely at your level how to achieve muscle ups, butterfly pull ups, strict handstand push ups & all the other technical skills of CrossFit gymnastics.

The problem is, athletes just don't know how to go from A-B. There's a process to everything, you can't just "wing it".

Athletes need help executing the progressions to any skill. Sets and reps will always be secondary to execution. Putting tension in the right areas and moving solid.

This is why video coaching is part of my programme, so I can demonstrate to my athletes what activating their Lat's looks like on different exercises. Or what abdominal compression really feels like. Or why the difference in hand placement can mean whether your strict HSPU progressions are working or not.

Hear what more SYN athletes are saying...


Rebecca Shirley (UNIT 22 CrossFit)

"If it wasn't for Simons extra curricular work that I did outside of classes, I probably still wouldn't be able to do pull ups".


Heidrun Finnsdottir -

(CrossFit Reykjavik)

Simon isn't just a great coach, he really cares about us and wants to get to know us. It makes us do the same and that's what makes this group so great!




I asked Simon for coaching just over a year ago, and what I received far surpassed my expectations. His extensive knowledge is second to none, and in just a few short months on his programming I went from not being able to do pull ups and toes to bar to having 8 strict pull ups and 10 toes-to-bar!

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